Best Places to Find Ghosts in Chattanooga-Get the Free Map

Is Chattanooga really haunted? And where are the ghosts?

Everyone that grew up in Chattanooga has heard the ghost stories about Room 311 at The Read House. And don’t forget the tales of Old Green Eyes at the Chickamauga Battlefield. But is there anymore spooky sites with spirits floating around?

Actually, Chattanooga is filled with ghosts on every square inch of downtown. During the Civil War the Union commanders turned EVERY building into a Union hospital with soldiers dropping dead inside while Confederate soldiers were left to suffer and starve on the sidewalks.

We also had thousands burned alive during the Great Fire of Chattanooga. And in 1878 over 350 people met their end during a Yellow Fever outbreak. With all these atrocities plus more it isn’t a wonder that Chattanooga is covered in lost souls.

In the video above I introduce you to my most favorite outdoor places where you can encounter ghosts while strolling the sidewalks of our beautiful city. And down below you will discover my personal map to follow for the best ghost hunting.

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