Best Haunted Bars of Chattanooga TN

Want to have some boos with your brews? Visit the best 5 haunted bars to get the biggest bang for your buck. And you can easily walk from one bar to the next.

Considering I run the Haunted Pub Crawl of Chattanooga and have personally investigated each one of these locations I guess you could say I’m the expert of alcoholic apparitions.

So here is the list and you can get a copy of my boo-zy bars here.

  1. Sing It Or Wing It,
    The Prankster Ghost in here will make you “Peed My Pants” Scared
  2. Cherry Street Tavern
    The Lady in the Mirror will make you drop your drink
  3. Chattanooga Billiards Club
    Play pool with the ghosts in the oldest and most haunted bar in the city
  4. Jack Brown’s Burger and Beer Joint
    The ghost of the Cowardly Lion lives here since the day he died upstairs.
  5. The Honest Pint
    The spirits of saloon girls still haunt this brothel turned bar

Wanna get up close and personal with some of the ghosts in this post?

Take the Haunted Pub Crawl by the Chattabooga Ghost Walk

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