ChattaBOOga Ghost Walk

Family and Pet Friendly Haunted History Walk.
Walk along the streets in one of the most Haunted cities in the USA. Chattanooga is full of ghosts pre-dating the Civil War days.

Meet your spirit guide at the corner of 700 Cherry St and discover the dark history of Chattanooga’s haunted past along the way.

Be sure to bring a camera for the chance to grab some spirits on film.

*Visit the former sight of blacksmith shop where they never stopped working
*Walk the place of prehistoric man eaters and try not to get eaten
*See the mass grave site where dozens of lost souls still roam
*Uncover the lost “DEATH HOLE” of Chattanooga and the lingering spirits.
*And many more chilling tales along the way.

Escape Game

Escape game played on the downtown streets. Answer trivia and complete puzzles before the spirit of Bloody Bones catches you.

Social distance safe, video guided escape game.

Can you escape Bloody Bones with your life? This city is full of angry spirits and Bloody Bones is their leader. Bloody Bones wants more souls to rule.

You will visit 6 haunted hot spot locations during the game. At each location you will answer a trivia question, find a clue, solve a riddle or complete a puzzle.
Follow the stories and instructions given by the video guide on your mobile device.

At each stop you will receive ONE letter of Bloody Bones’ true name and discover your next location.

To escape the game and receive a survivor award you must:
1. Receive passing score of 70%
2. Unscramble the letters of Bloody Bones true name
The game will take approx 1 hour to complete.

You have 24 hours to complete the game. Pause and play the game as you choose.

This game is played on the city streets. All you need is a mobile device connected to the internet.

Only 1 Survivor Certificate per purchase.

Play by yourself or with a group.

Upon purchase you will receive an email that includes:
1. Link to game registration page
2. Password to enter the Bloody Bones Game site.
3. Starting location

Choose Your City & Purchase Your Tickets to Start


Dale and Delilah are Chattanooga locals since birth. They have grown up learning the local legends and ghost stories of this historic city. After many years of haunted expeditions around the globe they have finally decided to share their Chattanooga knowledge of the history and hauntings of their hometown with you.

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