Tarot Reading by Shaman Mellie Moon

Get a personal 3 card tarot reading from Shaman Mellie Moon along with your Ghost & Booze Tour on Friday and Saturday nights thru October. You can book a reading before or after the tour and ensure you never miss a moment.

Seeking Guidance or Clarity?
In the midst of life’s ever-changing dynamics, it’s only natural to seek a beacon that lights our path, providing insights that resonate with our unique journeys. Tarot has been that guiding force for countless individuals throughout the ages, offering wisdom beyond the superficial layers of everyday life.

Experience a Transformative 3-Card Tarot Reading
Dive deep into a concise yet potent session that takes only 10 minutes of your time. With our 3-card tarot spread, you’re not just being offered random predictions. Each card serves as a mirror, reflecting pivotal aspects of your existence: the lessons and echoes from your past, the energies surrounding your present, and the myriad of possibilities awaiting in your future.

Reveal, Insight, and Foresight
Uncover the glimpses that the universe has tucked away for you. From understanding where you’ve been to navigating where you are and anticipating where you might be headed, our reading aims to empower and enlighten. Embrace the journey, armed with foresights into your potential future, and walk your path with renewed confidence and clarity.

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