3 Common Ghost Types You May Encounter

During the Chattabooga Ghost Walk our guests often want to know if they can have a ghost encounter and what types of ghosts are out there.

My answer is always the same… YES, it is very possible and happens quite often. We have 3 types of ghosts that commonly appear on our tours thru Chattanooga TN. They show up on pictures, whisper to the guests or sometimes even touch them.

Before we talk about what types of ghosts are out there let’s discuss what causes a ghost.

Ghosts are usually tied to the land where they died tragically or to a place they loved where they spent much of their time during their life.

Wanna know what to keep your eyes peeled for during your ghost tour?

Here’s the ghost you will most likely encounter:

  1. Intelligent Ghosts
    These ghosts are aware they are dead and they know you are in there area. These ghosts may even interact with you. Sometimes the ghost is confused and thinks you are a relative or this playful spirit might just be messing with you. They can appear on pictures, tug on your clothes, whisper in your ear or move objects around you.

    We steer clear of the angry, violent ghosts on our haunted tour of Chattanooga. I can’t figure out why anyone would want to step in a room where the poltergeist is trying to saw your head off. Really, if you wanna go extreme just stand in front of an oncoming train or jump in a tiger enclosure. It is pretty much the same thing.
  2. Repeater Ghost
    These spirits are on a loop. They seem to do the same things over and over, night after night like they are running on a hamster wheel. They don’t know you are there. They do show up in pictures as a smoky figure or a face. And you know one is around when you walk thru a cold spot which is actually quite nice in July or August.
  3. Glowing Orbs
    We have a bright, neon green glowing orb ghost that shows up on pictures for almost every group. Some of our guests even catch him on the move and he appears as a neon green streak across the picture. This show off ghost tends to be the highlight of the Chattabooga Ghost Walk. Come and find him for yourself

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