5 Tricks to Catch a Ghost in Pictures in Chattanooga

How do you capture a picture of a ghost? This is a question that comes up quite often during the Chattabooga Ghost Walk tours.

Guests on my tour often walk away with a spooky pic they get to treasure as a cool memory of their travels to Chattanooga. Of course we point out the best places to click their pictures where they have the best chances to get that ghosty on a pixel.

Whether you are clicking an actual camera or taking shots with your phone there are a few more tricks to increase your chances of seeing people from the other sides showing up on your pics. So here are the 5 best tricks to increase your chances.

  1. Take Multiple Pictures
    The more pictures you take the better your chances are of finding an orb, face or figure on your pictures. And you may take 2 pictures of the same spot and something spooky show up on one pic but not be on the other pic. This is the best proof to know you really got a ghostly driveby.
  2. Don’t Erase Your Pictures
    If you don’t see something immediately on your pictures don’t get discouraged. Take the next week to inspect every pixel of your photos. Many times my guests will email pictures of ghosty pics they found a week after they returned home.
  3. Turn off your flash
    Chattanooga buildings are full of windows that your flash will make reflections on. It is a tad disappointing to think you caught this uber cool glowing orb pic then find it is your flash.
  4. Take Pictures of Everything
    Snapping away pics of parking lots and sidewalks doesn’t sound very interesting until you find that photo of a smoky shadow leaned up against a lamp post. Then it is the most amazing photo of your entire trip. So snap away at the good stuff and the boring stuff too.
  5. Be enthusiastic
    Ghosts are people too after all. And the ghosts on my tours love to have fun. By having a really good time it attracts the ghosts to come out and join the party.

Are you ready to catch a ghost in Chattanooga TN? Come on out and let me point out the spooky spots for you. And don’t forget your camera.

Delilah Taylor
Delilah Taylor

Born and raised local Chattanoogan, World Wide Ghost Explorer and your guide to the Ghost of Chattanooga.

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