7 Obscure Ways To Experience A Ghost On The Chattabooga Ghost Walk?

Often times guests on our walks will want to know how or if they can see a ghost during our ghost tour thru downtown Chattanooga? Well, anything is possible. People have seen ghosts with their eyes before although you may just wanna buy a lottery ticket instead.

After going on multiple supernatural expeditions to some of the most haunted places on the planet I can tell you that seeing a ghost with the naked eye is probably the most difficult way to experience visits from the other side.

To make things a bit easier I’ve comprised a list of the obscure ways to know when there is a ghost around you. Every item on this list has occurred to many of the guests on our tour at one time or another. So take a journey with us and find a ghost for yourself.

Here is your “Host A Ghost” list of things to watch for during your ghost walk.

  1. Floating or Glowing objects in pictures.
    This sounds simple and it is the easiest way to find a ghost during the tour. Our guests have caught pics of smoky figures, see through faces and neon green glowing orbs floating all around.
  2. Feel an invisible hand touching you.
    Luckily, no one has ever walked away with the Hollywood scratches covering their body like you see on the ghost hunter shows. That is made up stuff for dramatic effect. True ghostly touches are usually quite nice although unnerving. Imagine feeling someone sweetly holding your hand and then you see the hand is invisible. It is a bit shocking.
  3. OOH, that smell.
    If I only had a nickel for every time someone told me they smelled roses or gunpowder smoke while we were walking thru alleys or concrete sidewalks. Odd smells from items that can’t possibly found anywhere happen suddenly. Oh but if you notice something stinky you are most likely standing by a dumpster.
  4. Whispers in your ear.
    Some ghosts are aware of people coming into their area. I’m not sure if the ghost is playing a trick or truly thinks the person is someone else but the ghost might whisper something in the tour guests ear. It is funny to see the guest looking at another person in disbelief and exclaiming, “What did you say?”
  5. Mobile phones go berserk.
    Guests on my tour have had all types of kooky electronic problems thru the years. Ringtones that won’t silence, fully charged batteries dying, camera taking pics on it own and sometimes pics disappear without a trace.
  6. Spook a Pooch.
    We love and encourage guests to bring their furry friends on ghost walk with us. We happen to love dogs and so do the ghosts. Puppers are often barking or playing with little invisa-buddies at our pet cemetery stop.
  7. Cold spots in July
    Chattanooga is known to get pretty steamy in the summer months. Ninety degree days are a common thing in these parts so walking into cold spot that registers 45 degrees while standing outside is super crazy. Although, I gotta admit it feels pretty nice and I try to stand there for a few minutes to cool off.

Have you ever had a spooky experience or something that you couldn’t explain? What was it? How old were you? How did it happen? Come on, tell us. Don’t leave me hanging like this.

Or maybe you want to have a ghost experience, right? Join us on our next adventure on the Chattabooga Ghost Walk or Ghostly Pub Crawl.

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